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The Branagh Information Group (BIG) is a dedicated team of information technology and research oriented professionals with extensive experience building innovative research and program monitoring database applications.

Our data systems are geared toward the Health and Human Services, with an emphasis on early childhood. We built and continue to maintain the LodeStar data system, perhaps the most extensive longitudinal pregnant and parenting teenage database of its kind. In addition, BIG is the creator of the ERS Data System, a leading edge Tablet PC implementation of the universally accepted and respected Environment Rating Scales (ECERS-R, ITERS-R, FCCERS-R, and SACERS) and the Program Administration Scales (PAS, BAS). In addition, we can design, create, and support custom database applications using the most up-to-date web services and mobile assessment devices (Tablet PCs)—on time and on budget.

Data You Can Use

BIG’s data systems are designed to yield "clean” data (i.e. free from data entry error, omissions, and ambiguity) that is well crafted for ad hoc inquiry and reporting. We’ve learned that the most effective way to ensure quality data is to design our systems with a thorough consideration of the work flow of your project’s end-users. This results in software rich with labor-saving tools and reporting features that support the day-to-day activities of critical project staff. This in turn, promotes higher quality data collection yielding the best possible resultant database for analysis. A win-win model for success for everyone involved!

One Stop Shop

We utilize the most current state-of-the art technologies such as Tablet PCs, PDAs, and web-based applications for data gathering and analysis. What truly sets us apart from other software developers is that, long after the software is written, we continue to fanatically support and upgrade the systems that we create.

We provide our clients with all the necessary programming, training, and ongoing technical support to meet their objectives with responsiveness and quick turnaround that is second to none. Our Tech Support department continually garners rave reviews for the follow-up service and training they provide to users of our software! As one client put it, "You’ve done far more to help us achieve our goals than our own in-house IT department ever has.”


548 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94104
United States of America

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