Nature of Early Play, Inc.


Nature of Early Play products reconnect young children with the natural world.

Nature of Early Play, Inc. offers products that allow care-givers to easily provide young children with the opportunity to authentically experience nature - water, sand, dirt, insects, butterflies, birds, vegetable gardening, plants, flowers and music. Nature of Early Play's natural play products are designed so that even an infant can be allowed to be outside in a protective environment and experience some aspect of the natural world. Musical instrument play-components, gardening beds and bowls, and vine-covered arch hideaways represent products that are developmentally and anatomically designed for the very young child and meet ASTM/ CPSC guidelines. Furthermore, the products are made from recycled, non-toxic, heavy-duty, low-maintenance materials and are modular in design.

Why did we create Nature of Early Play™?

Because you asked for it!

Many of you said, "We can’t find the type of outdoor early childhood products we need!”

What is Nature of Early Play?

A full collection of early childhood outdoor play and learning products that reconnect children (infant through age five) with the outdoor world through interactions with dirt, sand, water, animals, music, and plants. All products are made from heavy-duty recycled materials that will withstand all weather conditions for MANY years!

Find Nature of Early Play products under Ground Level Play or Elevated Play.

What’s so different about Nature of Early Play?

1. Authentic childhood experiences with nature, gardening, music and art.

As an example, our Garden Roof House incorporates the concepts of Green Roofs and gives children a chance to learn about reducing rain run-off and creating cooler micro-climates under a living roof. Our Nature Bowl allows children to touch, feel and learn about natural "elements” - sand, water, dirt, shells, fish, and turtles - without having to go on a field trip.

Our products make it easy to incorporate plants, trees, vegetables, flowers and wildlife into the outdoor environment. Children and adults receive all the healthy benefits of live, oxygen producing, detoxifying plants. For instance our heavy-duty, recycled plastic planters can be used to grow small fruit bearing trees or vegetables such as tomato and pepper plants.

2. Multifunction design; durable outdoor materials.

For instance, our ModBox can be used as a planter, a seat, a storage box for loose parts, steps, or a tiny table. Our Nature Bowls can be used for play with sand, water, rocks, shells or for gardening and keeping live critters.

Our products provide open ended experiences allowing creativity for the caregiver and imaginative play for the child. All products are made from heavy-duty, RSP (Recycled Structural Plastic).


3. Age appropriate and ergonomically designed for Infants to Preschoolers.

These are not just miniature versions of equipment meant for elementary kids. The products were specifically designed for each age group’s abilities, needs and challenges. We know that a crawling baby has dramatically different needs that an active preschooler. Our equipment stimulates each age group intellectually and socially.


4. Outdoor Classroom products for hands on exploration.

All messy scientists need a place to discover the mysteries of nature and experience the joy of plunging their hands in dirt, sand and other messy materials in the "lab”.

Our "Clean-up Station” makes it easy for care givers who want to allow children a place to rinse off before returning indoors which allows the care-givers more to spend more time with the children and less time just cleaning up after them.



5. Build community with comfortable "places" for family members of all ages

Add "gathering places” to your site with the addition of creature comforts like picnic tables and outdoor seating, shade shelters, bike racks, storage and trash bins all from RSP. Our outdoor Story House encourages parents reading to their children. ?


Additional Benefits of Nature of Early Play Products:

  • Many available under $1000
  • Many ship UPS
  • Easy to install - maintenance man friendly. Mostly pre-fabricated.
  • Most are "Ground Level" - do not require safety surfacing



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